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Mimshack Constructions & Properties

Mimshack Construction and Properties (MCP) is spearheading the development of the luxury real estate market across Nigeria, delivering luxury residential, commercial and leisure properties across the nation, building affordable and durable homes that stand the test of times for all categories of people, from the low salary/wages earners to the high&mighty in the society.

MCP brings luxury and affordable living experiences to the Nigerian real estate market, making its mark at the highest end of stylish living, iconic designs and the utmost quality.

We are extending our footprint to other West African countries with projects scheduled for Ghana, Benin Republic, Togo, etc.

We provide services for investments, property analysis and valuation, real estate management and development. In addition, we provide real estate financial analytics and modelling, as well as other services.

All your construction and property evaluation prerequisites are provided with a timely, customer-centric and friendly service with Mimshack Construction and Properties. Our dedicated team has been trusted by home and business owners to plan, organise, and execute seamless remodelling projects for years.

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How We Work

With our combined years of experience and projects in our portfolio, we are able to approach our client’s requirements with cognitive intelligence, thereby turning ideas to appropriate solutions.



Great things happen when great minds sit together. We are accustomed to innovating great works that achieves results. Our team will seat with you to discuss the creative process for you.



We are here to team up with and assist you in the process of implementing your needs and managing risks.



The essential part of working with our clients is in implementation. While technology is a main factor, we are also focusing on the people and your enterprise culture to make sure the transition is successful.

Dedicated to Building Great Client Relationships

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