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Mimshack Farms

We believe the agricultural sector can conquer new grounds with technology and expertise. For example, the application of technology and agricultural machinery can communicate adequate information to the average farmer on soil conditions, harvest results, fertilizer requirements, etc.

That is why Mimshack Farms is going the smart way, bringing innovation to farming to ensure balanced productivity in everyday farming.

We bank on the competency and experience of our in-house staff in technical areas including agricultural research, process technology, packaging, pest and quality control, food safety and crop protection.

Mimshack Farms offers a variety of healthy and wholesome products essential to a healthy lifestyle including Cashew, Casava, Poultry (Chickens and Eggs) and Maize farming.

Our farms operate across Nigeria including cashew farms in Oshogbo and Iseyin, Poultry and Casava farms located in Abeokuta, Ogun state, among many others.

We run a partnership with Hieco Farms, and our cashew produce is sold to Valency Company limited, a leading processing and export company in cashew nuts. Agriculture has been at the heart of our most pressing challenges for years: food security and supply, water and soil quality, and sustainable livelihoods. Due to these challenges, Mimshack Farms has found the necessities to go into farming to bridge this gap.

Our Service department is staffed with the most qualified technicians ready to answer your questions and address your service needs. When you’re up for it, you can stop by and see us at our Lekki showroom.

Get in touch with us today to get started.

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How We Work

With our combined years of experience and projects in our portfolio, we are able to approach our client’s requirements with cognitive intelligence, thereby turning ideas to appropriate solutions.



Great things happen when great minds sit together. We are accustomed to innovating great works that achieves results. Our team will seat with you to discuss the creative process for you.



We are here to team up with and assist you in the process of implementing your needs and managing risks.



The essential part of working with our clients is in implementation. While technology is a main factor, we are also focusing on the people and your enterprise culture to make sure the transition is successful.

Dedicated to Building Great Client Relationships

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